EMS companies may provide a variety of manufacturing services,
including design, assembly, and test.
SESUNG provides PREMIUM EMS which brings a broad range of services
and solutions, not a simple EMS. SESUNG is a leader in EMS industry
with our value added service.


SESUNG Premium EMS Standard for Customer values

We hava a set of standards to meet customer's needs and empower to provide you with the best service.
We have superior solutions with our experts at every stage of manufacturing. 20 years of experience, we build trusted relationships
and innovative manufacturing systems to help our customers realize greater value and potential.


  • Professional manufacturing
    experts training
  • Experts in various fields : R&D,
    Engineering, Management and
    Manufacturing team
  • Quality management and
    certification systems to meet
    customers' demands
  • Our own manufacturing
    factories for fast response to
    customers' needs
  • Our own machines and facilities
    for all manufacturing process
  • SMT, Automatic Insertion
  • Manual Insertion, Auto Selective
    Soldering Line, Assembly (Set)
  • Special manufacturing lines
  • Global procurement ability
  • Special material stock system
    for individual customers
  • High mix, Low volume to Low
    mix, High volume


Features of PREMIUM EMS

High Value Added Service

  • 1FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)
  • 2Design & Prototype support (NPI)
  • 3IPC Standard
  • 4Global material procurement
  • 5Order fulfillment & RMA

All In One Manufacturing Service

  • 1Electronics Manufacturing Service
  • 2Precision Machining Service
  • 3Mold & Injection Service with Q-Program
  • 4One Stop Service : specialty and competitiveness
    for manufacturing process
  • 5Global SCM Network